Reflexology for Cats



Author:  Jackie Segers

Publisher: David Bateman Ltd

ISBN:  978 1 86953 6510

Price: $ 30.00



“Reflexology for Cats is the first book to provide practical instructions on reflexology for felines, using specific touch techniques on points on the paws, face and outer ears, which correspond to parts of the cat’s body”.


If you are a cat person then this book is just made for the likes of us? If you’re not a cat person (if no, why not?), you could either adopt or borrow a sweet furry little face and apply the techniques in this book, and before long you won’t be able to resist becoming a cat person, your little friend will see to that!


Seriously Jackie’s book is full of very useful information which can also be applied to dogs (and maybe some of your other four legged pets – ferrets?!).


Part One has information on the power of touch, stress and the modern cat, as well as the usual history of reflexology. Chapter 2 is about getting to know the Paw Chart. The plantar surface has 24 areas which can be worked and the dorsal surface which has only three (3) areas to work. The author also describes the paw itself, it’s structure, movement and all about the pads. There is a section on cat psychology, how to create a sacred space for you and your best friend, and lessons in how to communicate non-verbally with your cat.


You also find out how to scan the cats energy field for any energetic blockages and how to remove them. The reflexology routine covers such topics as: position for carrying out a reflexology session, length of session, the correct pressure to use, and the keys to a good session, which include you as the therapist remembering to breath regularly, maintaining your attention, communicating with your feline friend and watch for possible signs that your cat has had enough.


There is also a section on precautions and contra-indications, healing effects and a section on the different techniques used which also includes ear and face reflexology. The accompanying pictures are very clear with little arrows showing the direction in which to work and a good description for the different techniques used on different parts of the paw. There is also an A-Z of specific illnesses and conditions, which has a larger section on the anatomy of the condition, a reflexology routine for the area and good diagrams of the reflex points to work and their position on the paws.


In Part Two the book looks at other holistic therapies, such as acupressure and moxibustion, Bach Flower remedies, craniosacral therapy, holistic pulsing and reiki. The author gives some interesting case histories using some of these modalities, and clear pictures on how to carry them out.


Throughout the book there are some lovely pictures of cats and kittens. If you have a cat or two then this book is a must have as it will not only help maintain your cat’s good health, but help the two of you to form an even closer bond of friendship.


by Graeme Murray



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